How to Use Launchpad to Schedule Sales

How to Use Launchpad to Schedule Sales

Learn how to schedule and monitor events like sales, product releases, and content changes using the Launchpad app for Shopify Plus. You can also track real-time reporting using the native dashboard in the app. 

Launchpad is is only available to Shopify Plus customers.

Launchpad is a scheduling tool that lives inside your Shopify admin allowing you to schedule product visibility, Shopify Scripts, themes, discounts, and more with a defined start and end time. You can now prepare your Shopify store for any event, without all the headaches.Launchpad offers a simple way to automate and schedule a sales campaign, product release, or flash sale. 



Hi everyone, my name is Aanarav Sareen, and I am one of the founders of P3 Media. One of the questions we get quite a bit, is how do you schedule themes to go live so that you’re not pushing sale updates or other important updates by manually sitting at your computer at midnight trying to push these promotions live? Thankfully Shopify Plus comes with an app called Launchpad, and Launchpad is designed to make this process extremely straightforward. In this particular scenario, we have two themes: one is the master theme, and the other one is the sale theme that has all our promotional content on there. Instead of sitting on your computer at midnight trying to publish this theme manually, what you can do is use Launchpad to schedule these themes to go live whenever your sale or promotion begins. To do that, simply select your start time, your start date, as well as the end date and the end time. So in this example if you want our promotion to go off after 3 days, you can actually schedule Launchpad so that it reverts back to your primary theme after the campaign is over. This allows you to easily monitor any sales, and automatically allows you to schedule any sales so that you don’t have to wait up until midnight. Publish those themes, publish those content changes, and it makes life really straightforward. For more tips about Shopify Plus, please visit

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