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  • The Economic Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

    What's good for the world is good for business.
  • Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

    Learn what conversion rate optimization is, and why executing an ongoing CRO program is essential to your ecommerce success.     Transcript: Hi everyone, my name is Aanarav Sareen, and I am one of the founders of P3 Media. One of the topics we discuss every single day is to see how small changes can have a meaningful impact on ecommer...
  • How to Make Your Shopify Store ADA Compliant

    Learn how to use a 3rd party app to automatically make your website accessible for ADA and WCAG compliance. Providing an accessible website is not just a good practice, it's the law. This tutorial may help you to avoid lawsuits while opening up your website to the world.  TRANSCRIPT Hi everyone, my name is Aanarav Sareen and I am on...
  • This Is The Best Moment In History To Get Into Ecommerce

    Online shopping is filling the retail void created by the global quarantine. And with ecommerce giants like Shopify announcing a slew of new features and programs designed to help merchants through the crisis, many online retailers aren’t just surviving. They’re thriving.  Read on to find out why this is one of the best moments ever t...
  • Shopify Plus v Magento 2

    The one guide you need to read before you replatform. We dove deep to bring you a comprehensive, user-based comparison.