Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Learn what conversion rate optimization is, and why executing an ongoing CRO program is essential to your ecommerce success. 



Hi everyone, my name is Aanarav Sareen, and I am one of the founders of P3 Media. One of the topics we discuss every single day is to see how small changes can have a meaningful impact on ecommerce conversion rates. For this example, we'll show you two different collection pages within Shopify. The only difference between these two pages is that the original page has a fairly large header image, and that the test page has no image at all. Believe it or not, just by implementing a change like this, we were able to increase the conversion rate by 62%! Ecommerce is an iterative process, and we highly encourage everyone to make small and gradual changes to see how they impact your conversion rate and revenue. 

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