How to Prevent Fraud Using Shopify Flow

How to Prevent Fraud Using Shopify Flow

Learn how to use Shopify Flow to create an automation to monitor and prevent high risk or fraudulent orders.

About Flow Note:

Flow is only available to Shopify Plus customers. Shopify Flow is an ecommerce automation platform that helps you reclaim your time and focus on growing your business. With Flow, it’s easy to automate tasks and ideas within your store and across your apps.


Hi everyone, my name is Aanarav Sareen and I am one of the founders of of P3 Media. One of the questions we get quite a bit is how do you find out about fraudulent orders especially when your order volume is so high that you are unable to review every single order and really just want to make sure you’re staying on top of what is going on. Thankfully Shopify Plus comes with an app called Shopify Flow that allows you to be alerted every single time based on different order parameters. In this particular example, we’re going to take a look at how do you get an email alert or tag an order based on an order that’s high or medium risk. So go ahead and install Flow from the Shopify app store, and then once you have installed the app, simply click on "create workflow." In this new screen, you will notice that you have a pretty empty canvas to create your flow. Thankfully, the canvas is easy to work with and really follows a very flowchart type process. So in this particular case, my trigger is going to be when the order is created, so select trigger, "order created". The next thing is going to be what’s the condition of the order. So I’m going to click on add condition, I’m just going to select “risk level,” so I’m going to scroll down and find risk level here, and once you find risk level, the next option is going to be what do you want the risk level to be. So I want the risk level to be “medium.” So once I’ve set that up, then you want to figure out how you want to handle this as an organization. There are a couple of ways of doing this. In our particular case, we prefer to use emails that go to a dedicated inbox, so I am going to click on “then” and then “add condition” And then when I scroll down here, one of the options is to send an email if the order risk level is equal to medium, so I’m going to click on “send email,” I’m going to send this to our fraud detection email so that customer service can take a look at it, and you can also customize email based on how you want to have the message conveyed. So if you click on “add template variable,” you’ll notice that you get a whole bunch of different order tags that you can attach to it. So in your email you can just put in the customer order email as “”, you can scroll down, you can say if it’s fully paid yes or no, you can also go down and then put in other sorts of information that you think might be able to help your customer service team or your fraud analysis team. So again, go ahead, play around with this. It is extremely flexible, and as you can see, it goes on and on and on so you are able to create an email that works for you, a flow that works for you in a way that’s really straightforward. And now, let’s say that you don’t want to create an email inbox specifically for fraudulent orders, what you can also do is you can set this up so that it also tags these orders. So in this particular case, I’m going to go back to the start of my flow, so when the order is created, and if the order risk level is equal to medium, you can send this email. So we’ve got the email portion taken care of. You can also add another action here, so I can click on “add action” and I will go in and select “add order tag.” So I can set this up to be FRAUDMEDIUM and what this will do is it will automatically tag the order as FRAUDMEDIUM, so that when you go in and filter in your orders, it becomes really straightforward and you are able to determine through a quick glance which orders are fraudulent, which ones need review, and which ones just need to be cancelled. To learn more tips and tricks about Shopify Flow and Shopify Plus, please visit

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